Santa Rita Ranch

The Land Conservancy has owned and managed Santa Rita Ranch since 2020. This 1,715 acre ranch is located in the heart of the southern Santa Lucia Range in San Luis Obispo County. 

Santa Rita Ranch is home to a 234 acre-foot lake, the fourth largest privately owned reservoir in the county. The property hosts a diversity of habitats, from valley oak and bay laurel forests to serpentine grasslands. A variety of rare and endemic plants can be found on the property, including Bishop manzanita, club-haired mariposa lily, and Palmer’s spineflower.

The ranch also provides a critical wildlife corridor for a diverse population of fauna. American black bears, gray foxes, bobcats, and American badgers have been observed on wildlife cameras at the ranch. Check out Learning Among the Oaks’ Wildlife Camera Project to view wildlife photos from Santa Rita Ranch. 

The ranch currently has limited community access through Land Conservancy guided member hikes, Central Coast Trail Rides, and various research projects. Become a member today with a donation of any amount!

Yellow club-haired mariposa lily in bloom at vista on Santa Rita Ranch

Club-haired mariposa lily at Santa Rita Ranch

Green rolling hills at Santa Rita ranch dotted with oak woodlands. Morro Rock and Morro Bay can be seen in distance.

Vista overlooking Morro Bay

Southwestern pond turtles sunning in glassy reservoir at Santa Rita Ranch

Southwestern pond turtles sunning in reservoir. Photo by Judy Nehauser.

Serpentine outcropping on green hillside at Santa Rita Ranch.

Rock outcropping at ranch

View of reservoir at Santa Rita Ranch in the summer. Grass is brown and green oak trees dot the hill behind the water.

Reservoir at Santa Rita

Purple lupines blooming in a field. Oak woodland in background

Lupines in bloom at Santa Rita.