Black Lake Ecological Area

The Land Conservancy has owned and managed the Black Lake Ecological Area since 2000 and has undertaken a variety of restoration activities on the property. As landowners of the site, we have the ability to implement projects that directly benefit local wildlife, and rare, endemic plants. The property includes Black Lake proper, a unique terminal lake that sits along the edge of the Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes and is fed by Black Lake Canyon. The property is known for its beautiful wildflowers, stunning vistas, and over-wintering monarch butterflies.

Black Lake Ecological Area is 160 acres and is located west of Highway 1 near Nipomo. It is only accessible by the public via guided hikes by Land Conservancy staff. A portion of the property was once a farm field and is characterized by sandy soils and level ground. The site also contains areas of healthy dune scrub habitat and eucalyptus forest.

Restoration Goals

• To restore and enhance native dune scrub habitat and wetland resources from nonnative native threats for the benefit of native flora and fauna.

• Provide a refuge for rare species including Nipomo lupine (Lupinus nipomensis)

Restoration Grants Partners

• Guadalupe Natural Resource Restoration Trust

• National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

• California’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response