The Staff

Roger Briggs

Board Member

Roger has been working in environmental protection since 1972.  He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering (Environmental), at U. C. Berkeley, and is a Registered Civil Engineer. Roger worked for the Central Coast Regional Water Board, whose Vision is “Healthy Watersheds.”  This work included many land conservation projects with LCSLO and other conservancies as well as work on marine preserves, fish migration barrier removal projects, and rangeland practices to improve degraded riparian habitat. Currently, Roger serves on several LCSLO committees and chairs the Governance and Nominating Committee.

Roger enjoys sailing and racing and is working on a new Small Boat Program with the aim of getting younger people out on the water (the ocean is a vast natural open space!).  He also teaches/coaches to improve other’s sailing and racing skills.  With his wife Marney and several dogs and horses, Roger lives in Nipomo, and they have five children and six grandchildren between San Diego and Portland.  Roger also enjoys racquetball, pickleball, writing, playing music, building, horseback riding, camping, hiking, and always learning.  “One of the important things I have learned is that we need to visit wild natural places to refresh and rejuvenate.”