The Staff

Ann Robinson


A native of California, Ann grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Sierra. Living in the Sierra gave Ann her passion for the outdoors and open space. She attended Stanford University where she earned degrees in Math and Computer Science. Her early work was as a computer scientist doing Artificial Intelligence research. She then moved into industry, first programming and then as a manager at Adobe Systems.

Ann and her husband Lou retired and moved to San Luis Obispo in 1994. Here they both volunteered their time for local organizations.  Because of their love for the local community and the local environment, Ann and Lou established an Environmental Award at the Community Foundation in San Luis Obispo. That award has since evolved into a grant given annually for local environmental work.  Ann has a variety of interests and has served on several boards, including the Community Foundation, the SLO Children’s Museum, Opera SLO, the Women’s Legacy Fund and SLO Village.