Alex spent her early childhood exploring the local beaches and woods in Edmonds, Washington with her two older sisters. After moving back to California, Alex continued her beach adventures in San Clemente, a “Spanish Village by the Sea,” where she took up surfing, fishing, and snorkeling. As a kid, the majority of Alex’s time was spent running wild outdoors, as her mother would say. Not much has changed.

Alex’s love for the natural world started early and trickled into various aspects of her life. In high school, Alex and her classmates designed their first environmental education field trip to increase awareness of ecology, natural history, and endangered species in the San Mateo Watershed near San Onofre State Park. After, Alex had an amazing opportunity to travel with her teacher and fellow classmates to Mankwe Wildlife Reserve to study hyaenas and black-backed jackals and helped increase awareness of the importance of scavenger species in an ecosystem. On that trip Alex realized her passion for connecting people with the outdoors and saw the benefits of how land conservation builds community. Shortly after, she decided to pursue a higher education degree in Land Management and Environmental Studies at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Five years ago, Alex moved to San Luis Obispo after falling in love with the rolling hills and rugged coastlines. In June 2019, Alex graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Environmental Management and Protection with Minors in Anthropology, Global Geography, and Indigenous Studies.

Before joining The Land Conservancy, Alex volunteered for various non-profits and school clubs to gain experience teaching environmental education. After graduation, Alex discovered the perfect niche for her in the Learning Among the Oaks program here at the Land Conservancy. Alex also currently works as a Park Ranger for the City of San Luis Obispo leading Ranger Led Hikes and after school education programs in addition to coordinating LATO operations and events.

When Alex is not teaching or hiking she enjoys listening to live music, arts & crafts, and traveling. Exploring other cultures continually fascinates Alex and reenergizes her spirits. Her favorite adventure buddy to explore with is her dog, Lyzzi.

One of Alex’s favorite quotes is “in every walk with nature one receives far more than it seeks,” by John Muir.