Together We Save Special Places

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County works cooperatively with both landowners and government agencies to find positive, mutually beneficial solutions. Our goal is to help prevent poorly planned development, protect drinking water sources, restore wildlife habitat and promote family farmlands and ranches.

Since 1984, we have permanently conserved over 24,000 acres of land in San Luis Obispo County. With your support, we’ll ensure that San Luis Obispo County has wild natural areas, productive family farms and ranches, clean fresh water, and stunning landscapes forever.

Our Mission

We conserve and care for the diverse wildlands, farms, and ranches of the Central Coast. We connect people to the land and to each other.

Our Vision

We envision a San Luis Obispo County that is composed of distinct communities surrounded by productive farms and ranches, beautiful scenery, and accessible natural areas. Clean water and local food nourish our population, wildlife thrives, and we celebrate our diverse heritages. Every generation is connected to the land, and people embrace conservation as vital to a healthy, vibrant future.

Accomplishing Our Mission

We use a comprehensive approach to conservation to forever ensure the protection of special places in our community, both for us and for future generations.

  • Conserve: Land acquisition, easements, planning & studies
  • Care: Restoration, stewardship, monitoring
  • Connect: Community education, events, volunteering

Through strategic partnerships, we gather resources to buy historic & scenic lands, critical habitats, and cultural enclaves. We also work with private landowners to conserve their land and heritage while keeping it in family ownership. Another focus is repairing broken landscapes and healing streams & wetlands that are struggling under years of abuse. Through it all, we provide opportunities that bond people to the heritage, wonder and bounty of our vital lands.

Who We Are

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County is a local non-profit organization that has served our county for 30 years. We are dedicated people working together as staff and volunteers to set aside local lands for wildlife, recreation farming, and ranching.

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