The Future of Local Land Conservation

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The Future of Local Land Conservation

2013-2018 Strategic Plan

In the first 30 years of its life, The Land Conservancy grew from a small grassroots volunteer organization to one of the preeminent local land trusts in California. In that time, we have protected special places throughout San Luis Obispo County that contribute to our region’s natural beauty and irresistible allure. The Land Conservancy has been instrumental in creating a vibrant community with a strong local economy and high quality of life; however, there is more work to be done.

Throughout 2012, our leaders deliberated on the overall goals of the organization in the context of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and the community’s pending needs. Our Board of Trustees and staff agreed that the organization’s mission, vision, and core values are in line with the needs of the community. Recognizing that there are many outstanding opportunities to implement meaningful conservation, our leaders worked to fine-tune where the organization would strategically focus its efforts and resources. As a result, a Strategic Plan was developed and will be implemented in the next five years to maximize benefit to local people and wildlife.

The plan includes these goals over the next thirty years:

• Become a household name;

• Establish a cherished public conservation park and boost the local economy;

• Expand the Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail; • Open the Octagon Barn Center;

• Fund voluntary easements on private lands;

• Train a team of docent volunteers to help more youth and families experience protected conservation lands;

• Educate future conservation leaders through a Junior Board of Trustees.

Over the next five years, we will work on Board-approved land conservation projects which totals over 30,000 acres and identifies more than $10 million in restoration projects throughout San Luis Obispo County that Land Conservancy staff and volunteers can implement.

These projects will safeguard community drinking water, provide outdoor recreation and therapy opportunities, preserve local food systems, protect native plants and wildlife, and build a strong conservation ethic among residents. Here are ways that you can be involved in our future planning:

• Help us conserve land by becoming a member, or continuing to renew your membership annually. The higher our membership numbers, the more competitive we can be in pursuing grants;

• Help us care for local lands by volunteering in the office or getting your hands dirty in restoration projects;

• Help us connect to other people by spreading the word about the work we do and being our ambassador.

The short-term future holds both exciting opportunities and considerable challenges for us. The Land Conservancy must support ongoing projects and commitments while allocating resources to develop and pursue new conservation opportunities. The Land Conservancy will lead the charge to protect the diversity and vibrancy of San Luis Obispo County for the benefit of all who call this place home.

To read our 2013-2018 Strategic Plan in its entirety, click here.