Lindsey hails from the beaches of Ventura, California and moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2006.

Lindsey has a B.S in Environmental Management and Protection from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with special emphasis in environmental education. After completing her degree, she began working at the Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes Center as their Education and Administrative Coordinator. Here she was able to share her love of the unique coastal ecology of the central coast. Searching for additional fundamental knowledge about ecology and biological systems, Lindsey returned to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to obtain her M.S. in Biological Sciences studying conservation planning methods and invasive species ecology. Lindsey brings a strong background in ecological principles, plant identification, and nonprofit experience. Her role at the Land Conservancy has allowed her to conserve and protect the unique natural lands of the central coast that she loves so much.

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys hiking, botanizing, camping, photography and cooking with her family and friends.