SLO Creek Clean-Up – The Finger Family

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SLO Creek Clean-Up – The Finger Family

When I volunteered to monitor water quality as a Cal Poly student, I didn’t know it was the start of a lasting relationship. I just thought I was pitching in and getting some experience under my belt.

Today, years after completing my Master’s Degree and starting a career and family, I’m a proud member of the Land Conservancy. Their big picture thinking and cooperative planning help landowners, agencies and municipalities work together. They protect wildlife habitat and help residents enjoy natural areas in our community-and they’ve provided many friendships, opportunities and priceless memories for our family.creek_cleanup_2

My husband Troy and I were talking about our relationship with the Land Conservancy. We agreed it’s not just about supporting the valuable work they do. It’s also about the people. They’re friendly, dedicated and kind. We feel good working beside them. Our sons, Kyle and Brian, have been volunteering their whole lives and love it. Whenever we’re done with an assignment, they ask what’s next.

When they were younger, the boys were the “Official Cork Chasers” while we were testing creek speeds. Now they participate in all kinds of activities. Volunteering gets us outside as a family. We meet new friends and catch up with old friends. It keeps us close to each other, our community and our environment.

The Land Conservancy is a special organization. It’s full of real people who enjoy working hard to benefit us all. What a great example for our children-and our whole community.