Nestled in the heart of the Adelaida region along San Luis Obispo County’s North Coast, the Santa Rita Ranch is part of a landscape that feels lost in time. The rolling, grass-covered foothills of the southern Santa Lucia Mountains offer plentiful forage for grazing cattle. Deer, turkey, mountain lion, and black bear roam Santa Rita’s dense oak and bay laurel woodlands. Towering sycamores and bigleaf maple trees form a dense canopy over cold water creeks.

The Santa Rita Ranch’s crown jewel is its 234 acre-foot lake, the fourth largest privately owned reservoir in our County. A resident group of Mallard ducks make their home here. Downstream, the lake offers a critical source of year-round water for a variety of rare and important species.

This is a truly unique opportunity to protect the heart of the 46 West region of our County. The Land Conservancy is close to protecting this incredible property forever, but we need your help.

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