In 2012, the 530-acre Highland Ranch was conserved using conservation easements. In 2014, The Land Conservancy extended conservation in Los Osos Valley to include Lisen Bonnier’s nearby farm where she produces organic flowers, vegetables, and seed along with locally grown beef, pork, and lamb. Although her farm is a modest 226 acres, the resources protected there are magnificent. Prime farmland grace the valley bottom; oak woodlands blanket the foothills; and serpentine mounds peek from the soil modestly displaying their vibrant flowers.

Over the past decade, the city of San Luis Obispo’s farms and ranches have been under tremendous pressure. Open fields continue to be replaced with shopping centers and residential developments. These changes are in many ways the natural growing pains that occur as population increases; however the rural character that is associated with our region can be preserved with strategic conservation. The conservation of properties like Vintage Organics not only protects the scenic and agricultural heritage of the Los Osos Valley, but of the entire Central Coast.

Vintage Organics
  • Conserves 227 acres of prime farmland and oak woodland
  • Supports local organic food source
  • Extends conservation in the Los Osos Valley
  • Preserves the scenic views along Los Osos Valley
  • Protects local water resources into Los Osos Creek, a steelhead trout stream
  • Safeguards wildlife corridors in the region, protecting land for large wildlife such as deer, mountain lion, bobcats, and raptors.
Project Funding Partners

Department of Defense Army Compatible Use Buffer program funds with a charitable donation from the landowner.

For additional information, please contact The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County’s Conservation Manager at (805) 544-9096 ext. 15.