San Luis Obispo County’s agricultural lands provide the community with food and fiber necessary for sustainment while also supporting a multitude of jobs for local individuals and their families. Rural open space also constitutes an important physical, social, and aesthetic asset to our county. The conservation of Turley Vineyards preserves these community benefits while ensuring that the property’s natural features remain intact for wildlife.

In partnership with landowners Larry and Suzanne Turley, the Land Conservancy permanently protected 150 acres of land at Turley Vineyard while fulfilling agricultural preservation policies at the heart of the City of Paso Robles’ “Purple Belt Program.” This program aims to protect the vineyards and agricultural character of the region surrounding Paso Robles. Our Turley conservation easement put this protection plan into action for the first time.

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County has a longstanding history in assisting municipalities in the county to achieve their conservation goals. Just one parcel of land separates the historic Turley Vineyards from an adjacent Templeton housing tract. The conservation of this land helps establish a permanent boundary between the town and countryside, an idea strongly supported by property owners, Larry and Suzanne Turley.

By donating the easement and additional stewardship funding, the Turley’s made it possible to maintain this unique property’s agricultural and scenic uses forever. Additionally, locals and visitors will be happy to know that this historic working landscape will remain the same as it always has due to the easement’s restriction that prohibits the building of a new winery, tasting room, or other hospitality facilities.

“I am pleased that we were able to agree upon an easement that provides strong conservation protections to keep this landscape intact while also affording the landowners flexibility in their agricultural operations”- Bob Hill, Former Executive Director

The Turley conservation project permanently protects the scenic, agricultural, and natural resources found on the vineyard property. The property contains the historic Pesenti Vineyard, one of the oldest in the region planted over 80 years ago, along with a variety of woodlands and wildlife. These gnarled old vines are dry farmed, organic, and managed using sustainable practices that benefit our county. This project will allow the citizens of San Luis Obispo County to enjoy this rural and agricultural landscape forever.

Turley Vineyard Project Highlights

  • Conserves 150 acres of agricultural land mainly producing wine grapes
  • Protects a scenic property and the historic Pesenti Vineyard, one of the oldest in the region
  • Preserves Coast Live Oak woodland and Chaparral habitat for birds and other wildlife
  • Provides a physical and visual boundary separating town and country

Project Funding Partners

  • Larry and Suzanne Turley
  • City of Paso Robles: Purple Belt Program

Whether you like wine or not, you surely appreciate the scenic views of a vineyard and the benefits it provides to our local economy. Join us during an upcoming event to learn more about the importance of working landscapes.