Pismo Preserve Update

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Funding Graph

In mid-June, local government has really shown their support with the City of Pismo Beach allocating $900,000 the City of Arroyo Grande allocating $40,000, and the City of Grover Beach setting aside $5,000 for the Pismo Preserve project bringing our grand fundraising total to $6,669,000.

The California State Coastal Conservancy awarded $4 million towards the Pismo Preserve. In mid-May, the County of San Luis Obispo awarded $1.1 million and confirming that the Pismo Preserve will be an amenity that will benefit the entire county.

At the end of July, we will attend the Regional Water Quality Control Board meeting with our request of up to $800,000 for the project, and in August we will be at the California State Wildlife Conservation Board with a $4 million request.

Additionally, we continue to receive donations on a daily basis with overwhelming support for this project. We receive donations from local hoteliers, equestrian groups, local businesses, mountain biking groups, and from folks like you and me. Community donations range from $2 to $25,000 and a private foundation contributed $100,000 for a matching dollar-per-dollar incentive.

At this time, we will match each donation dollar-per-dollar. We are in constant search for those donors who are interested in contributing a significant amount to use as a matching incentive.

We are so honored by our community. Each week we hear a different story about how a business or individual is so inspired by this project that they are compelled to do something to help raise money for Pismo Preserve. If you are doing something to raise awareness about the Pismo Preserve project or fundraising on your own, let us know. We would like to hear about your creative endeavors!