Pictured from left to right: Robert Hill (then-Executive Director), Marge Cooper, Lynn Cooper, and Emeritus Board of Trustees Ed Carson and Valerie Endres.

The Octagon Barn’s Chain of Title was gifted to The Land Conservancy from the services of Lynn and Marge Cooper along with First American Title. The Coopers donated their time and research and had the document professionally presented and framed using a local calligraphy artist.

The Chain of Title

In 1769, the property that is now described as a portion of Lot 38 of the Ranchita de Santa Fe came under the jurisdiction and ownership of The King of Spain by virtue of the Law of the Indies, and of the Spanish Crown’s occupation of this part of California.

In 1822, ownership of this land passed to the Republic of Mexico, after Mexico gained independence from Spain.

In 1842 (September 18), Juan Bautista Alvarado, Governor of Mexico’s Alta California, granted to Victor Linares what became known as the Ranchita de Santa Fe.

Its size was 1000 vacas (approximately 165 acres).

In 1848, after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, California became a Territory of the United States. In 1850 (September 9), California was admitted to U.S. Statehood.

In 1851, the U.S. Government set up a Board of Land Commissioners to determine proof of ownership for the land grants issued prior to the U.S. takeover of California.

In 1852 (February 12), Victor Linares applied to the Land Commission for a patent deed to the Ranchita de Santa Fe. The patent would not be issued until fourteen years later (Book A, Page 238 of Patents, Official Records of San Luis Obispo County, August 9, 1866).

In the early 1850s, Linares died, having left the property to his widow, Micaela (sometimes spelled Miguela or Miquela) Linares. Thus the U.S. chain of title begins with her, rather than her husband.


Micaela Linares
Agostino Albarelli
Ramona Wilson
Ramona Hilliard

William C. Mighell
Jack Mighell
Louis F. Sinsheimer

The Estate of Joaquin Pereira
The Estate of Luiz Pereira
John Hayashi


July 11, 1855
July 30, 1855
May 14, 1863
December 2, 1892

March 6, 1917
February 7, 1919
December 6, 1920

December 2, 1975
May 10, 1994
May 10, 1994


Agostino Albarelli
John Wilson
Ramona Hilliard
William S. Mighell
Smith Shaw
James Blake Short
Jack Mighell
Louis F. Sinsheimer
Manual Garcia Eleanor
Lima Garcia
Joaquin Pereira
Josephine Lima Pereira
Luiz Pereira and Josephine Lima Pereira
John Hayashi
John Hayashi
Howard Hayashi

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