Local Philanthropist to Match $10K in Donations to Pismo Preserve

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Local Philanthropist to Match $10K in Donations to Pismo Preserve
Local Philanthropist to Match $10K in Donations to Pismo Preserve Effort 

“Here’s a little something to help with funding our effort for this preserve in Pismo.” -Richard Alberts.

Richard Alberts of San Luis Obispo has agreed to match all community donations towards The Land Conservancy’s effort to create the Pismo Preserve up to $10,000.  But there’s a catch: Contributions must be received by April 1st in order to count for the dollar-for-dollar match.

A longtime supporter of The Land Conservancy and a champion of local land protection, Alberts was inspired to do something that would help spur the community into action.  Despite being on a fixed income, Alberts committed $10,000 towards the proposed Pismo Preserve project which marks his largest gift to The Land Conservancy.  If the community responds as Alberts hopes, the project will be $20,000 closer to its community goal of $2 million.

To successfully create the proposed Pismo Preserve, The Land Conservancy must raise $11.7 million by August 2014.  Nearly $10 million has been requested from State agencies and regional funding sources but the remaining $2 million gap leaves the project’s future in the hands of the community.

“For those who have been thinking about contributing towards Pismo Preserve– now is the time to bust out checkbooks and get online to donate.  Every donation between now and April 1st will be doubled!” – Wende David, Director of Development.

The Land Conservancy’s proposed Pismo Preserve is the first in a series of conservation projects over the next five years under its Heart & Soil Campaign.

The proposed Pismo Preserve would transform a 900-acre private ranch above Pismo Beach into a public open space as early as Summer 2015 for outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, bird watching and exploring the flora and fauna of the area.

“We truly have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right now to purchase this property and create an outstanding park for residents and visitors alike. We are confident that our community will join us in safeguarding the Pismo Preserve for the benefit of generations to come.” – Kaila Dettman, Executive Director

Over the next five years The Land Conservancy aims to permanently protect an additional 15,000 acres which includes a mix of projects focused on:

  • Creating new outdoor recreation trails;
  • Protecting watersheds in North County;
  • Preserving farmland in Los Osos Valley;
  • Establishing a conservation park & trail system in South County;
  • Safeguarding scenic & productive North Coast ranches; and
  • Extending the Bob Jones Trail at the Octagon Barn Center.