Scenic & Recreational Open Space

Who can deny the aesthetic and spiritual benefits of our local lands? Protecting our region’s dramatic scenic views and beloved nature trails are important for preserving the essence of San Luis Obispo County. Clear views and the ability to experience these wide open spaces also help our economy—attracting tourists, business start-ups, and families to our region.

Healthy Watersheds

Our County’s communities – both wildlife and human – are directly dependent upon clean, fresh water. Land use conversion and over-use of existing water sources threaten to disrupt the delicate natural balance that supports our local way of life, especially in North County. The only long-term solution to sustainably solving this crisis is to conserve the landscapes that naturally fill and filter these water sources. We have identified nearly 10,000 acres of land in northern San Luis Obispo County adjacent to significant drinking water sources.

Prime Farms and Ranchlands

For more than a century, working farms and ranches have played a role in the way of life here, greatly contributing to the unique rural character of our County. Recent droughts coupled with rising real estate prices have pressured many farmers and ranchers to sell their land and abandon farming altogether. By protecting valuable farmland, we are preserving a rural way of life while leaving the options open for working soils to provide healthy, locally-grown food.

Globally Significant Conservation for Wildlife

We hold a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a global conservation legacy for today and tomorrow’s wildlife. Large landscapes essential to migratory animals have been set aside along the California coast all the way from Monterey, CA to the Mexican border. One of the last missing pieces in this global conservation puzzle exists in northern San Luis Obispo County. This conservation gap extends from the northern County boundary through the Adelaida region, and is surrounded by national forest, BLM land, and other conservation lands. Permanently establishing these critical wildlife corridor linkages in North County will also provide some buffer for the impacts of future climate change on wildlife.