Community Need

The permanent conservation of local lands through voluntary partnerships with willing landowners offers the most cost-effective, market-driven solution to address critical community needs. These needs include supporting economic vitality, promoting healthy lifestyles, safeguarding drinking water, supplying clean air and fresh water, and protecting our local quality of life. The Land Conservancy is the only nonprofit dedicated exclusively to using this collaborative method to provide win-win outcomes that benefit landowners, residents, and visitors of San Luis Obispo County.


The American Farmland Trust estimates that our nation loses over 1,000 acres of farmland to development each day. San Luis Obispo County currently features wide open spaces and stunning scenic views of pastoral ranches and farms where our food is grown. But similar landscapes once dominated nearby places like Orange County and Santa Clara Valley. These places have been urbanized with sprawl-like development that has forever changed the health and functions of the surrounding communities. San Luis Obispo County is just as vulnerable to these dramatic land-use changes. Without support for strategic land conservation that sets aside the most vital landscapes, San Luis Obispo County will succumb to the negative consequences of poorly planned development.

Collaboration & Efficiency

The Land Conservancy firmly believes in the concept of working smarter, not harder. In San Luis Obispo County there is an overwhelming demand from nonprofit organizations for limited financial resources. By developing a strategic plan with clearly defined goals over a five year period, we have identified key community partners who can help us achieve our long-term vision. We also collaborate with land trusts of varying capacities, from global nonprofits like The Nature Conservancy to local volunteer-only groups like the Atascadero Land Preservation Society, to ensure that land conservation happens on every scale.

Long-Term Sustainability

In our 30 year history, The Land Conservancy has grown to become the premiere land trust dedicated to the permanent protection of more than 15,000 acres of land in San Luis Obispo County. Our skilled Board of Trustees and staff have developed policies, created endowment funds, and developed funding strategies to ensure that The Land Conservancy is always capable of caring for our conservation lands in perpetuity. This was formally recognized when we became a nationally accredited land trust in August 2014 through a rigorous third-party audit process. Our track record of successful projects, our historic accolades, and our community support prove that we are a trusted nonprofit business.