As a nationally accredited land trust with over 30 years of conservation successes, The Land Conservancy regularly assesses countywide landscapes to identify the most sensitive lands deserving protection in relation to future land use and development patterns. These assessments are vetted by a team of local experts that make up our Land Committee. We also collaborate with other local, regional and national conservation partners to ensure continuity.

Currently we have a series of prospective projects, adopted by our Board of Trustees, that include over 15,000 acres of priority lands for conservation in San Luis Obispo County. With this Heart & Soil Campaign we hope to protect at least 10,000 acres over five years and position the organization to continue efforts to protect the remaining priority lands in the years to follow.

This Campaign is guided by three principles:

1. Not all private land can or should
be protected

Through a strategic planning process we identified which local lands would provide the best habitat, working soils, scenic value, and recreational opportunities.   We will focus our efforts in these areas, recognizing that growth can and will occur elsewhere.

2. Our window of opportunity
will not be open forever

The real estate market in Coastal California has rebounded significantly and is gaining momentum. Our opportunity to protect large, significant parcels of wildlife habitat, working farm and ranch land, and scenic corridors will not be open forever.

3.  We have the power to shape our future.

There may never be another more significant turning point than the one we face today. The Land Conservancy has the vision, experience, and energy to create a future San Luis Obispo County with healthy protected landscapes that sustainably support a high quality of life forever.