The “heart” of San Luis Obispo County lays in its wild and open lands. Yet these lands face larger threats more than ever before. To maintain our way of life and safeguard these special place, we must work together to conserve the “soil” beneath our feetThe Land Conservancy’s Heart & Soil Campaign will help balance the need for land conservation in the face of growing development pressure and will preserve the natural landscapes that define San Luis Obispo County’s unique character. This 5-year campaign will nearly triple the current pace of land conservation by protecting 10,000 acres of our County’s best natural areas by 2018.  Right now we have a set of adopted projects totaling more than 15,000 acres that can be completed if we can gather the necessary funding resources.

By 2018, the Heart & Soil Campaign aims to:

  • create the Pismo Preserve with over 10 miles of new multi-use outdoor recreation trails
  • open the Octagon Barn Center and extend the Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail
  • permanently protect 8,000+ acres of critical watersheds in North County
  • establish Kathleen’s Canyon Overlook conservation park & trail system on the Nipomo Mesa
  • conserve 2,000+ acres of farmlands in Los Osos Valley and ranchlands on the North Coast
  • expand understanding and appreciation local land conservation

  I. Case For Support

II. Campaign Funding Strategy

III. Campaign Conservation Strategy

III. What Are Our Priority Lands

IV. Why the Sense of Urgency for Land Conservation in SLO County?