Discovery Day at Pismo Preserve

June 10, 2018 - 8:00 - 6:00

The Land Conservancy is excited to announce “Discovery Days” at the Pismo Preserve!

While staff are still working through the logistics of opening this beautiful property for complete public access, we will be opening the Preserve on select days for you and your friends and family to explore the Pismo Preserve at your own pace, without a docent.

On Discovery Days, you will be able to access the Pismo Preserve via shuttle from one of 2 shuttle stops at Pismo Beach city hall and Dolphin Bay Resort.

Ride On SLO is providing the shuttle service, which will run continuously from 8 am to 6 pm on each Discovery Day. Your shuttle ride will be FREE.

Please note there is currently no public parking at the Pismo Preserve. Access is via shuttle ONLY. For your safety, walking in to the Preserve will not be permitted. Cyclists may ride in, but Electric Bikes are not permitted on the trails. We also ask that you help us to reduce our impact by bringing a reusable water bottle.


Can I bring my dog to a Discovery Day?
Pets on leash are always allowed on the Pismo Preserve trails. It is recommended that they be wearing a flea and tick collar or be on preventative medicine. Please don’t forget to bring them water as well!

Am I allowed to walk on to the Preserve?
There is currently no safe pedestrian access to the Pismo Preserve. Please park at City Hall or Dolphin Bay Resort and take the free shuttle to the Preserve. Please note there is no parking in nearby neighborhoods.

Why can’t I park at the trailhead?
Due to the number of visitors we receive on Discovery Days we cannot accommodate parking at the trailhead. Once the parking lot is complete and the Preserve is fully open you will be able to park at the trailhead to set off on your hike. Please note there is no parking in nearby neighborhoods.

What kind of bikes are allowed on the Pismo Preserve?
For safety reasons, and to protect the integrity of the trails, only non-motorized, non-electric bikes are allowed on the Pismo Preserve trails. You may however, ride an electric bike to the trailhead to set out on your hike.

Are horses allowed on Discovery Days?
Due to lack of parking for equestrian trailers on Discovery Days, we cannot accommodate riders on these days. Please check our events calendar for separately scheduled equestrian-only Discovery Days.

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  1. Land Conservancy
    January 2, 2019

    Pismo Preserve is currently CLOSED for construction. Docent-led hikes and Discovery Days are postponed until further notice (updated September 10, 2018).