Roger has been working in environmental protection since 1972. Roger earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering, U. C. Berkeley, with emphasis in Environmental Engineering with a year of graduate work in Surface and Groundwater Hydrology.  He is a Registered Civil Engineer in California.

Roger worked for the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region for nearly four decades, with the last 18 years as Executive Officer.  The Board’s Vision is “Healthy Watersheds,” and this work included many land conservation projects with LCSLO, Nature Conservancy, Morro Bay National Estuary, and Elkhorn Slough Foundation, as well as work on marine preserves, fish migration barrier removal projects, and improving rangeland/road management practices to improve degraded riparian habitat, improve water quality, and reduce sediment transport into surface waters. 

Most recently Roger has been volunteering with LCSLO, working with staff to update and create various policies and procedures.   He has been serving on the LCSLO Board Governance and Nominating Committee, and joined the Board in November 2018.

His other volunteer work includes campground building/maintenance and trail maintenance (various equestrian groups).  He has been involved with the San Luis Yacht Club since 2003, including serving on the Board for four years.   In an all-volunteer club, Roger was named volunteer of the year in April 2018, for work with a team developing a new Small Boat Program with the aim of getting younger people out on the water (the ocean is a vast natural open space!).

With his wonderful wife Marney and eight four legged animals (dogs, barn cats, horses), Roger lives in Nipomo, and they have five children and five grandchildren scattered between San Diego and Portland.  Roger enjoys racquetball, sailing, writing, playing music, sketching, building (he designed and built his own passive and active solar house in the ‘70’s and continues with ranch projects), horseback riding, camping, hiking, biking, and always, always learning.  “One of the important things I have learned is that we need to visit wild natural places to refresh and rejuvenate.”