Randy Knight has just recently joined the Board of Trustees after serving on The Land Conservancy’s Land Committee for the past five years. He is Professor Emeritus of Physics at Cal Poly and the author of two widely used physics textbooks. He’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society and currently is Chair Elect of the society’s Forum on Education.

 However, Randy’s interests extend far beyond physics. At Cal Poly, he was Director of the Minor in Environmental Studies and taught courses on energy, oceanography, climate, and environmental issues. He has an especially strong interest in using land conservation to protect and preserve biodiversity.

 Randy was Conservation Committee Chair of the local Sierra Club in the 1990s, and he served on the Los Osos Community Advisory Council for 10 years. He loves to hike, bike, and kayak. Randy and his wife Sally travel extensively to some truly wild places (such as Borneo and the Arctic), but when not on the road they live in a passive solar, straw bale house in Atascadero with their five cats.