Before retiring to San Luis Obispo in 2003, B.K. Richard spent his career managing advanced technology projects for TRW, Inc.  His 29-year project experience included leading a system engineering effort for NASA on an Earth observation satellite information system for climate scientists, directing technology for TRW’s commercial information business, leading a contract for the U.S. Army’s largest command and control system, and running a $200M/yr. business unit.  In San Luis Obispo, B.K. set out to contribute to his local community by applying the skills and experience from his career, and from his broad interests in the environment, business, and technology.  He co-taught a graduate EE seminar in energy policy at Cal Poly over the course of 10 years.  In 2004 B.K. joined The Land Conservancy’s Board of Trustees.

Over nearly a decade, B.K. has expanded Land Conservancy program services and helped develop staff resources required to successfully complete larger projects.  As a voice for local land conservation, he represented the Land Conservancy on the Blue Ribbon Committee addressing the County’s Transfer of Development Credits program.  With staff he helped produce a study on Community Separators under contract with County Planning.  In 2009, B.K. became the founding contributor to LCSLO’s Conservation Impact Fund with a multi-year pledge that increased the pace and impact of local land conservation.

B.K. most took on management of LCSLO’s Octagon Barn Center project in 2008 because of the need to reduce staff impact in addressing Barn related issues.  He engaged the community in developing the Barn project vision so that it serves many complimentary user groups.  In addition to expanding awareness and galvanizing support for the project, B.K. also organized the effort into realistic phases and fostered numerous partnerships which will be vital to the project’s success.

B.K. is a dedicated hiker, road biker, and photographer.  He’s traveled widely and hiked/climbed in Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe as well as across the U.S. and, of course, in California.

B.K. grew up in Pennsylvania.  He has a BS from Georgia Tech and a Ph.D. from Caltech, both in mathematics.  He’s also received specialized business training at UCLA and Stanford.