Anywhere You Roam, There’s No Place Like Home

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Whether San Luis Obispo County is your permanent home or your home-away-from-home, we’re betting that there are some common reasons why you love it. Here’s how The Land Conservancy is helping keep it the special place you love.

Open Spaces to Explore

With hundreds of hiking trails, bike paths, campgrounds, public beaches, and recreational waterways just minutes away from every community, San Luis Obispo County is a mecca for outdoor adventures of every size. In the last five years, The Land Conservancy has helped create new places for the public to explore including portions of the Los Osos Greenbelt, Paso Robles Salinas River Parkway, Froom Ranch Open Space and Bowden Ranch Open Space in San Luis Obispo, and Dana Adobe and Kathleen’s Canyon Overlook in the Nipomo Mesa. Equally exciting projects are underway to open three miles of new recreation trails in the Five Cities region, to establish a backcountry hiking route to connect the communities of San Luis Obispo and Atascadero, to expand Montana de Oro State Park by 1,400 acres, and to create a conservation park in Black Lake Canyon.

Scenic Views & Homes for Wildlife

In our history we have helped preserve the quintessential views that San Luis Obispo County is known for: coastal dunes and pristine beaches along the Pacific Ocean; bucolic ranch lands, vineyards, and family farms; dense oak woodlands and clear flowing creeks; the Morros that comprise the “Seven Sisters”; and natural greenbelt buffers between developed communities. What is oftentimes hidden from these views are the healthy and often rare wildlife sheltered within. From the endangered California condors to the rare Nipomo lupine, our conservation efforts are essential to protecting the habitat and migration corridors for a wide variety of sensitive native species.

Locally Grown Food

Every day of the week a local Farmers Market is open for business in San Luis Obispo County. We can talk directly with our region’s farmers, ask about what produce to expect in the coming weeks, and bring home food that was plucked from the ground just hours before. The Land Conservancy is filling a critical role in supporting agricultural landowners by providing expertise, resources, and services that keep working lands in production.

Clean Air and Drinking Water

Most Californians,including Central Coast residents, have experienced smog days and concerns about water scarcity.The Land Conservancy is directly addressing these challenges by permanently conserving strategic landscapes essential to maintaining healthy air quality and available drinking water. We preserve the headwaters of creeks and rivers, link protected parcels as part of a larger conservation puzzle, and conserve trees, wetlands, and grasslands that absorb pollutants. These long-term benefits will become more valuable over time and will provide for all generations that come after us.

Vibrant Economy

Tourists flock to this region because—well, because of all the things we just mentioned above. When they’re here, they spend money which then supports local jobs, generates tax revenue, and keeps area businesses thriving. Our high quality of life also attracts start-up companies and small businesses that establish new job opportunities and economic growth. Beyond that, conserved lands increase nearby real estate values and lease income while saving communities money by limiting demand for expanding tax-based services such as roads, emergency services, and the like.
Membership in The Land Conservancy permanently protects the very unique things that brought you here, keep you here, or keep you coming back here. If you value our high quality of life, then renew your support today!