Alison grew up in San Luis Obispo. As a kid she loved the beach, and spent all of her free time playing sports and running amok with the Avila Beach Junior Lifeguards.

In 2012 she left the coast and moved to Walla Walla, Washington to attend Whitman College. After her freshman year, she got a summer job working as a hotel maid in Yosemite National Park. She spent her days scrubbing toilets and making beds at the Ahwahnee, and her evenings and weekends rock climbing and running around the High Sierra. She returned to Yosemite each summer throughout college, and almost quit school multiple times as she could hardly bear to leave the Sierra each fall.

To her parent’s relief she eventually graduated with an English degree and promptly moved back to the Sierra.

Living in the mountains had sparked a love for wild and remote places, and she spent the next few years living in a minivan and traveling around the West to climb, staying away from cell service as much as possible.

Eventually she ended up in Lee Vining, California, where she spent two summers leading naturalist canoe tours on Mono Lake. Her time with the Mono Lake Committee led to an interest in environmental non-profit work, which eventually brought her back to her home town to work on the field crew here at The Land Conservancy.

Now Alison lives in a tiny trailer in Edna Valley and is learning to enjoy a slightly less nomadic lifestyle here on the central coast. She’s still obsessed with rock climbing though, and escapes from cell signal as much as possible.