150+ Outdoor Recreationists Learn Trail Building Skills at the Pismo Preserve

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150+ Outdoor Recreationists Learn Trail Building Skills at the Pismo Preserve

The Land Conservancy and the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) hosted the Subaru/International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Trail Care Crew with a day filled with classroom instruction learning how to build sustainable multi-use trails then following up with hands-on demonstrations at the Pismo Preserve to implement their new skills.

The IMBA crew was amazed that over 150 community volunteers showed up for this event. Typically the group has seen anywhere from 20-60 volunteers.  The community response was so great because this was a chance for individuals to step foot upon The Land Conservancy’s newly acquired Pismo Preserve, which still remains closed to the public until permits and the necessary requirements are in place to formally open the park sometime in the fall of 2015.

Based on the attendance of the volunteers, it was clear that the community is in favor of a multi-use trail system at the Pismo Preserve.There was equal representation from three different user groups: equestrians, hikers, and cyclists. IMBA intimated that this type of equal distribution of user groups was not common during their Trail Care Crew stops.

“Although CCCMB traditionally has far fewer volunteers from South County than from other areas, the vast majority of today’s attendees came from communities across the South County.  These hikers, runners, equestrians and cyclists were nearly all new to trail building.  The Pismo Preserve will be the perfect place for them to invest their time, talent and love of trails,” said Frank Zika of CCCMB.

It is The Land Conservancy’s hope that during the phase of permitting and construction of the parking lots and staging areas, a few key trail builders from this pool of volunteers will be trained and apprentice with experts so when the Preserve is open to the public, they will be ready lead additional trail building days to build new trails, maintain current ones, and help steward the property.

“It was a great opportunity to host the IMBA Trail Care Crew at Pismo Preserve. It was an inspiration to see how willing each group was in working together to create a successful multi-use trail system at Pismo Preserve.  We still have a lot of planning to do before we can even begin building trails, but once we start, we will have no shortage of well-informed and enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you to everyone who came out,” said Dylan Theobald, Land Conservancy’s Stewardship Manager.

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